Landon Austin
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Landon Austin Q&A:

Q: How old were you when you first started playing guitar? I was 9 years old. 

 Q: Can you play any other instruments? If so, what? I like to fiddle around on the piano... but the answer is no... haha 

  Q: Before music, what was your childhood dream? I wanted to play professional baseball.  But i soon realized that i was terrible.  Altering between right field and bench was that much fun so I decided to pursue my interest in music.  

 Q: Recently I watch the video where will-I-am from, “The black eye peas” was talking about your song wait’n- were you insulted by his critique? No i liked his critique.  He gave me good advice. Plus he was really funny in that video.   His response to my song overall wasnt negative. He just wanted me to write lyrics that were less poetic and closer to how i actually speak.   

 Q: Who would you say is you biggest musical influence?Well I have always been a huge John Mayer fan.  I love his lyrics and guitar playing.  More recently i have been influenced by a band called the Damnwells.  Their lyrics are incredible.    I also like bands like Coldplay, Jason Mraz, MGMT, I like a lot of styles.


 Q When’s your birthday? 8-8-88 

Q: What’s weirdest thing a fan’s said or done to you? This girl on youtube made a video about me called LandonAustin Lover.  I thikn she has since taken it down.  But it was really awkward to watch.    She's really friendly though she sent me a couple of nice emails. 

Q: Did you ever think you would come so close to fame, and that so many people love you and your music?

Well I dont think you could call it fame.  I am thrilled however that my online followers on youtube,myspace, facebook, and twitter have been growing.  Its nice to talk to everyone and when they buy my music on itunes its really encouraging. 

Q: Do you think your going to continue making Youtube Videos For a while?

I dont think i'll ever stop making youtube videos.  I like to take little breaks from them every once and a while but i'll never stop. 

Q: What would you like to say to your fans that have supported you from the beginning, and thus far? Keep listenin... more is coming

Q: What can we expect from you coming up in the near future? New cd coming pretty soon. 

 Q: A lot of people have been emailing me to find out, if you and Kina Grannis had something- or is just strictly friendship? 

Kina is amazing!!! She is a good friend.   When i met her last year I was thrilled to see how friendly and fun she is in real life.  We are just friends. 


Q: Do you have an Ipod? If so, what on the most listened to list?Yes,it changes every day.  Right now i'm listening to Passion Pitt. 

Q: Whats your favorite color? Blue

Q: Preferred brand of guitar? Electric-Fender   Acoustic-Alvarez


 Q: How well do you take criticism?It really depends who its coming from.  If its some angry commenter on youtube who says, " You suck and I dont like you."  well then i probably wont listen to them.  But if its from someone who has a genuine critique i am open for suggestions.


 Q: What do you think of the Youtube redesign?

 Its funny cause a two years ago one of my 5 life goals was to make it onto the front page of youtube.  And it actually happened a coulpe months before it was redesigned.  I do not like the redesign at all because it is too cluttered.  I miss the  front page being nothing but the few featured videos of the day.  I am so glad that i made it before all of the clutter.  

Hey Sera thanks again!!!-Landon Austin