Scott Price

 R.I.P Scott Price- daddy

Scott, My father. Not by blood-but by heart, He was my everything, my inspiration, my hope, I truly think of him everyday, I think how he protected me, How he showed me that there is such thing of good people…Like him. There are things in life that annoyed me about him, but they are the things I miss the most.  How he argued till he convinced truth. How he made Green beans and tomato’s-mixed… How he always annoyed my mom until he got what he wanted. He was genuine. I miss him calling me “Sparky”, He believed in me, more than I believed in myself, he took me in, he showed me love. He gave my mother the greatest gift, happiness. There are so many things I wish I could say to him. I never have the right words… Scott was a drummer; he loved music, the way his immense watch spun on his wrist, as he beat the steering wheel to the music’s pulse. The way he was friendly to all, I don’t remember him ever being angry. He flirted with older women, in front of my mom, for reaction. He is a hero of many, including me…

He left behind so much more then people, he left behind dreams, dreams for others to pick up…

Besides, myself, Scott, had two other Children, My step brother and sister, I haven't seen them since his death.

He left behind a group of followers, he was loved by EVERYONE! Men worshiped him, and the ladies envied my mother. He tought me so Much about who I am, and who I wanted to be, He is the reason I sing!, He is the reason I pick up a guitar, he was the only person, who ever told me that It was not impossible!

I miss you daddy,

Rest In Peace!




 Missing you...

Dear daddy,

I miss you with all of my soul. I miss burning and blowing stuff up with you, I miss you frustrating mom, I miss all of your music, your laugh, your smile. The way you thought everything was obtainable. You are and will always be my inspiration to keep going, to move forward, to reach and grab my dreams right out of the sky. You showed me that love is the strongest power, and that’s No BS.  You showed me that I have something no one else will ever have, you believed in me when I thought no one did. You loved me even though I wasn’t yours to begin with. But I am yours. You loved my mother with everything you possessed, and everyone could see it, everyone could feel the love, you displayed for her, and how she felt for you. You changed us. You helped form the person I am and will be. Daddy, I will always love you. I cry, for thought of you, but no longer tear of pure sorrow, but tears of joy, joy that you so graciously gave me. You were humble, smart, loving; you were the most inspiring person in my life. I love you daddy.

R.I.P Scott Price.

He was a son; father, brother, best friend, husband, and an all around amazing musician.

We will carry your memory…