TheSeraShow Updates


Two updates in one month! Oh man, I've been working overtime.
I'm really pleased with how many of you are still some of the same readers, that I've had since the beginning.
Thanks for your support, and creepy interest in, well- Me...
Alright so I'm going to get you all up to date in what I'm doing now days.
Pin up- shooting as much as I possibly can, and loving it. I should get all my edits soon!
My dog- is getting huge, and his name is STILL Norman, and it wont change, stop hating.
Work- I now have two jobs, and I feel overworked. I'm sleepy, but money is money, am I right?
Singing- Started up again. Missed it.
Painting- the walls are looking fairly nice.
Me- I'm tired, but I'm feeling good! I'm learning that no matter, everything is gonna be amazing, because I make it that way.

Thanks again for the support, and I'll be getting to all of your questions soon!



Hey all :D
I know I'm at it again...
But I have a really good excuse- NO INTERNET! :(
SO yes now, I'm sitting at barnes n Noble- thats how dedicated I am to you! haha

Well I'm working full time, busy busy busy- and Oh now I have a puppy! His name is Norman Bartholomew Bass.
He's cute cute cute.
Picture below was from two weeks ago when he was small.


Well if you've visited the home page then you saw some pictures from my recent shoot with Angela Morales- She's a doll.
Look her up!


Thats all for the next 7 months. Just kidding, I'll try and get back soon!

- S


Yeah, so I've been what you may call a " flake ". I've been so busy this past year, but nevertheless, I'm back baby!
With all kinds of new goodies! Thought the site has bounced off track, its here. haha

Where have I been?

Well, I was homeless for a while, trying to have to get on my feet, got on my feet, now I'm living in the city with my dearest friend, painting- and writing again...

I say again, because for some time I lost track of myself.

But now I'm like Sera 2.0

Here's to a new year!

- Sera

 Jan. 15. 10

 Well, I finnally got around to fixing the site.

Send me a comment and let me know what you think I should do?
If you have someone that needs promoting send me there info.

Need to know your thoughts!


Nov. 09. 09 :)


itss been a while since the updates page has been up!

The site is currently being worked on so sit tight :)

And the email chamber is now OPEN! :))




July 9th,09

Howdy!! :)

So, I just woke up!!


But Atleast I was sleeping, lately sleep has been a problem!

IT IS SOOOO HOT OUTSIDE! Its 103* degrees.



I feel so lazy everytime I write an update-
Im sorry there so short and BLEH- been super busy- but the next update will be long, and a good read- promise :)

well for now- gotta go but click--> JASON MRAZ


July 8th,09

HI ;)

sorry again for the distance in posting dates ;)

So A few things I want to say and then as always I have to run-

Number 1- Check out my man Tommy Simmons! He's an amazing musician, and a chill guy!!! :)

Hes got a Mraz Vibe- rated Sera Approved!

Next thing-

wrote a song last night, that made me cry.

just thought, I'd throw that out there.

last tid bid-

The site is going to be under major constuction for the next two weeks!!

Sit tight!! :)



July 2nd, 09

sorry its been so long-

I've been super busy-

and Its SUMMER! so, I've been out!

I just want to say, that I still love Jason Mraz, more then air- so yeah :)


well Im kinda in a hurry, keep those great emails coming :) haha


June 16th,09

So, I just woke up, yes I know what your thinking-
"Sera, its 2:01 pm, how'd you just wake up"

well, I dont know what from, but I had an allergicreaction- so I was loaded up with benedryll, and slept..

I'm feeling a little better- just a little :) haha

Next thing I would like to tell all-
I am going to be interviewing  the Landon Austin :)

If you don't know who he is, find out at 

You will love him!!

Next topic:

So I traded rooms with my little sister yesterday- and I've never had such a big room before, it feels so empty! 

But don't worry, I'm kinda the packrat, so it will be full of paintings, pictures, and junk- by the end of this month :)


Or not, I really don't know.

SO I've been getting alot of emails lately about "My likes and dislikes"

SO I thought I might list a few :)


* trees
*the colors blue and orange
*dinner time
*cake without frosting
* Pretty music
*the word analytical 
*Big glasses
*sour patch kids
*scooby doo
*picture frames 
*Big poofy pillows
*candles that smell like coconuts :)


* Mean people :(
*The color invisable :(
*The word fungi:(

Thats really about it-
I kinda like almost everything :)

any questions or comments let me know :)


June 14th,09


So today has been really great- started off boring, but ended AMAZING!! :)

First bit of amazing News-
I'd like to start off by saying, I have never felt like such a fangirl until, LANDON AUSTIN, started following me on twitter! haha :)

Second bit of amazingness-
I've been doing shows, and people have been soooo supportive, and great!! :)

I want to thank all of you who believe in my talent, and make it known- YOU ROCK! :)

Third bit of awesomeness-
I got these incredible glasses, and they make my whole head happy :)!!!!

So thats all for now!

email me!

oh and follow landon austin on twitter



June 13th, 09

Hello Readers,
I just got home from being out of town, and I have some amazing New!
Number I love, love, love GOOGLE CHROME!
If you dont have, get it- It will change your life!!!

I think that Nestle knew what they were doing when they created the Drumstick! :)


New Pics coming soon!! ;) 

Ok, well I have to run- but send me emails!!

made by the lovely tim :)

June 5th, 09

Hello Readers,

Today has been rather aggravating. But it made a turn for good about an hour ago. I honestly have the best mother ever, she made things great! :)

Oh next thing I want to talk about- or rant about, what ever your perfer...

I am Sick of taking the time to promote artist's if there going to be DIVA's about everything, and then ignoring me,when I am trying to give them, what was in the agreement.

If you can't be humble, then don't waste my, or take me for granted. Ok, so maybe this is only about one guy... He knows who he is...

Just thought I should get that out there..

Next topic- I will most likely be gone for like a week or two coming up next week- due to leaving town for shows,and I'll be bunking at a friends :) But If they have wireless, then I will get on my trusty laptop and update for you lovely readers!! :)

Well, other than people annoying me, and I am over all great! Send me Emails :)




June 4th, 09

Happy Thursday :) Today has been quite the lazy day!

I am Just hanging out, online Job hunting, and emailing.

I am happy, no giddy, and for no reason, other than I am living.

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of my lovely readers, and commenters. haha :) you guys are really AMAZING!!! :) If you want to see me write about anything, just shoot me an email, or if you just want to be pen pals, Lets do it!!! :)

OH- Ok so lately I've been having really werid dreams, like they arent scary, or werid there just like people walking, or talking or doing dishes, normal stuff, buts it werid? Because a week ago, I was having so crazy/scary dreams.

haha- Ohh but I remember some of my dream from last night, I was talking to a lady, about classes? haha thats all.

Currently I am listening to Ingrid Michaelson :) Shes really talented- google her!

Ok one last thing! I LOVE GOOGLE!!




A friend In UK:)

A wedding photo? haha
Tim Hoggarth- a new friend, and pen pal- that lives in the UK- Contacted me, and made amazing pictures, I thought It was completely and utterly flattering!!!!

:) So check him out!

Though I caution for People Under the age of 18- He does things that arent "PG" - Though I dont agree with "NUDITY" he is a talented web crafter :) Thanks tim for the great Pics of me and Jason Mraz- My only obsession. haha



Was determined last night after counting votes!!!

If the choosen artist excepts, then He will be posted By next week if not sooner, and he or she chooses to decline, then we will go with Number 2/ runner up :)


thanks so much for voting guys!!!