I thought I would post some of my stories from my Creative writing class :) enjoy!

All stories and Poems belong to Sera Curran. Those who try to post her work as their own will be prosecuted.

What do you want to be remembered for?

What do you want to be remembered for?

A memory in my mind is something that is part fiction and part reality... Whatever reality may be.  

So for the fictional part of me that is being remembered, I’d love to be radiant, translucent almost, if were speaking of the physical aspect... For fictional memory of my mind, I’d like to be charming..

For the reality that is Sera Curran, I’d like to be seen as an honest person, who was just trying as hard as they could. I’d like my eyes to remember as a kind place… and I’d like people to remember that even though at times, I’m overbearing and rather loud, I loved as much as one person could.

Write something honest :

Bitter ME. Sweet POSIN. My mind is wound with your taste.

My eyes are broken with the sight of your face. LOVE you so, I surely do.

For YOU are my everlasting. I RUN, you walk. Deliberate . YOUR love for ME, distressed.

If ever, if ever, I SEE YOU. Sweet, sweet you… POSIN.

Bitter ME.

Little Birdie :

Sing Sing little birdie, ring your song, my darling birdie I’ll sing along.

Hold your broken wing, I will. Answer your chirping cry, I shall.

Sing Sing little birdie, ring your song, my darling birdie I’ll sing along.

Take use in something that haunts you, and put it to poetic justice.

I remember you oh to well, your handsome fingertips tracing my imagination. Why did you leave?

I WAITED. A simple sorry ended my daydream. Your reflection left with the steam on the glass.

I FORGET. I Try to FORGET. I regret, NAY.

A nightmare, you will forever stay.

I fell BURNING, nothing could stop the flame… My heart was nothing more then a pawn in your cruel game. Yet I LOVE, full, and still- when will I find that you were NEVER real.

My action was faulty, its true, without loving you, I would have came unglued. PATHETIC, but oh too honest.

My love, my love I am ever so haunted.